VIUSID agro® acts on the growth of the stems and the fruit, the precocity of the flowering and the harvest, the consistency of the skin, the fruit set, the fall of the fruit and the lengthening of the peduncles, and even reduces the devastating effects of the frosts.

Improve your plants.

VIUSID agro® is an innovative liquid promoter of plant growth that, applied to the plant with irrigation water, improves initial growth conditions, giving rise to a greater quantity and quality of fruits per plant or plants per unit area.

VIUSID agro® naturally stimulates plant growth, notably increasing the productivity of treated crops, and therefore, a higher yield for farms under normal production conditions.

VIUSID agro® is a totally natural product that added to irrigation water does not modify its PH.

VIUSID agro® can be used as foliar vapor.

VIUSID agro® is harmless. It is not toxic for fish, nor for bees. It does not contaminate food, forage, water courses or sources with the product or its packaging.